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Jesus Song Lyrics in English

Jesus Song Lyrics in English


Your word is my hiding place
Your way is my saving grace
Your will made the whole world
Yet you hold me like I’m your only
All the glory all the honour all the power forever to

Jesus, my Jesus
No other love makes me complete
No other name I’d rather speak
Jesus, just Jesus
Nobody else has died for me
Nobody else has set me free

Jesus, Jesus

Who else could sing a storm to sleep
Who else could tell sickness to leave
Who else can forgive us make a new life outta dead ones
You’re my freedom my salvation
You’re the first the last alive forever


You’re the only one who hears our every call
The only one who reigns above it all
The only one to catch me when I fall, oh

You’re the only one to set the captive free
The only one to make the blind to see
My ever present help in time of need, oh


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